Friday, April 20, 2012

Donate Time/Money to Help Denver's W.I.L.D. Bird Rehab

What do you do when you find an injured wild bird anywhere around Denver? You contact the good people at  W.I.L.D. Bird, of course. As the group gears up for an onslaught of spring rescues, rehabs and releases, please keep them in mind.They need volunteers and they need money and supplies.

These hardworking bird heroes don't get any financial support from the Division of Wildlife. They rely completely on donations and volunteers. The non-profit is holding a "baby shower" where you can drop off your donations and get an idea of what the place is about on Saturday April 21 and Sunday April 22, from 10AM-3PM

W.I.L.D. Bird's website offers good tips on how to handle lost or wounded birds, and the group actually will take your found bird and attempt to rehab and release it. That doesn't happen cheaply -- it runs about $40 per bird.

In 2011 they took in 2,843 birds representing more than 108 different species. By year end 1,775 had been rehabbed and released. Their release rate is 61.7 higher than the national average, which shows you the kind of good work they do. Of 231 orphaned ducklings, they released 207.  You can read about all the birds they have rescued at the website's April newsletter.

With this year's crop baby birds already in the works, the group is looking for donations of supplies. There is a list on their website, but know that they need much in the way of 2-ply paper towels and toilet paper. household bleach. Dawn dishwashing detergent. laundry detergent, Science Diet canned puppy food (chicken), bags of thistle, cracked corn, sunflower seeds, pigeon/dove mix, Kay Tee Exact baby bird formula, Pedialyte, garbage name it and they need it. 

Finally, if you live anywhere around Wash Park, you have undoubtedly been forced to brake for geese crossing Downing St., or one of the other neighborhood roads.  With that in mind, please check out
 new bumper stickers...."I Brake for Geese."  Only $5 and they raise money that goes into rehabbing injured wild birds.

You can get the bumper stickers at  Wild B.I.R.D., 1880 S. Quebec Way from 9:00 to 5:00 or by sending a check for $5 along with your mailing address to Wild B.I.R.D. PO Box 101133, Denver CO 80250 and put “bumper sticker” in the memo.  Also look for them at our future fundraising events.


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