Monday, March 26, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen....The TacoCopter!

No sooner do food trucks catch on, than they're being targeted for obsolescence replaced by...TacoCopters. Yes, in San Francisco the new rage is unmanned aerial machines that deliver taco orders taken by iPhone. "Our unmanned delivery agents are fast and work tirelessly" says Tacocopter's website.

TacoCopter is he brainchild of three Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and it operates via the same technology as the spy drones afloat over Afghanistan and the Middle East and even right here in the U.S. (Hello Occupiers!). But instead of creating controversy and feeding paranoia, TacoCopter is a good drone who seeks only to bring us cheese-laden beefy wonderfulness, gently encased in a crispy taco shell. No driving. No tipping. Yes! Yes! Where is the Like button?

Of course, the first thing I did after reading about this sure-to-win-a-Nobel-Peace-Prize technology was to Google "TacoCopter Denver." Already I was envisioning taco drones winging their way towards me from across the city, but instead I learned that TacoCopter has yet to get off the ground and, at this point, it is more of a concept than an actual business. Apparently the Federal Aviation Administration is A-OK with drones spying on taxpayers, but less enthusiastic over drones being used for food delivery.

Nonetheless the media is abuzz with what the future of food delivery could be -- if only the TacoCopter was allowed to fly free!

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