Monday, August 8, 2011

Metro Chickens Rule the Roost in August

I love love love chickens, but I don't see any free-ranging Longhorn Leghorns roaming my yard anytime soon.  (Unfortunately for me, even the Denver City Council can't overrule my husband.) But a girl can dream can't she? And she can write a blog entry about all the cool chicken-related events going around town in August. In case you also covet chickens, here's a way to get your hen fix. 

Peck up some great tips at the downtown Tattered Cover at 7:30PM on Thursday Aug. 11 with local chicken lover Sundari Kraft, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Urban Homesteading." Kraft will outline her experiences of trying to live sustainably in her Denver neighborhood with her front-yard garden, back-yard chickens, ducks, goats, and bees. Will include a question & answer period, plus a discussion of Denver's new FPA laws. Sundari will also be doing a book signing following the discussion. You can buy the book at the store, or just bring a copy you already have to get signed. 1628 16th St, Denver. FREE

Paint a Bus for the Chickens!! Saturday, August 20th, 10AM – 1PM at the Aurora Central Library- 14949 E. Alameda Ave., Aurora.When the folks at Grant Family Farms needed old school busses to use as homes for their chickens the Cherry Creek School District stepped up and donated an old klunker. Sherwin Williams donated some paint, Home Depot kicked in some supplies and now YOU get to provide the artistic interpretation -- those chickens are going to be living large! Bring your creativity, your sense of whimsy, all of your questions about chickens and farming, and prepare for an afternoon for fun while sprucing up the chickens’ new home! FREE! 

The cool kids over at Denver Urban Homesteading will host a chicken coop tour in Denver and surrounding communities on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011 from 11-4PM. A variety of coops and chickens will be selected for the tour. This is a self-guided tour and a fun fall activity for families. Walking and biking to the coops is encouraged. Cost is $20, but that ticket allows a family or up to four individuals to participate. Register online or the week of the event in person. Maps will be mailed to participants the week of the event. This group even offers chicken swaps, so check their website frequently here.

Interestingly, the Denver Botanic Garden blog says it is doing a coop tour the same day as Denver Urban Homesteading, on Oct. 1. Are they both involved with the tour, and if so why no mention of each other in promoting the event? Or are the two competing for the hearts and minds of wanna-be chicken owners across the metro area? Hmmm. More on this as it develops!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post. BTW, Denver Urban Homesteading is not a non-profit -- they're a business.

The reason the two events are being held on the same day is because last year Denver Botanic Gardens invited Denver Urban Homesteading to partner with them on the first chicken coop tour. This year Denver Botanic Gardens scheduled the coop tour again. They asked Denver Urban Homesteading to participate, but decided they wanted to reach out to other sustainability groups for partnership as well. Denver Urban Homesteading didn't like this development, so their response was to offer a competing chicken coop tour on the same day.

Mrs Packer said...

Thanks for the heads up and the correction. And thank you for reading along!