Monday, August 8, 2011

Canning/Seed/Recipe Exchange Thursday Aug. 11

Here's a great deal. Attend an interactive salon with artist Lee Lee to learn, taste and exchange recipes, while exploring global to local foods and participating in a canning exchange on Thursday Aug. 11 from 4-6PM at  the 910Arts Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver. FREE.

Canning exchanges have blossomed across the country. Typically, participants bring extra preserves to exchange with others. If I put up a ton of plum butter, and you put up a ton of tomatoes, then we exchange to diversify our pantry. Emphasis will be placed on the health benefits of lacto-fermentation as well as the environmental importance of eating local, for which preserving local harvests is vital. Recipes will be inspired by traditional approaches throughout Asia and Europe and our own homeland. Please note: Everyone is welcome to attend whether or not you know how to preserve food. Participants who are experienced in preserving are encouraged to share their wisdom. If you have preserves to exchange, please bring them!  Seeds harvested from the garden are also welcomed for exchanges. Questions? Please contact Lee Lee:

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