Thursday, February 7, 2013

$10 Spay/Neuter Clinic Denver-Lakewood

You heard right! $10 for cat spay or neuter and age appropriate vaccines (rabies and distemper vaccines). People with limited or fixed incomes who cannot afford to take their pets to a veterinarian qualify for this donor-subsidized service, offered by the Dumb Friends League Meow Mobile.

The mobile clinic  will be located at Walgreens,10140 W. Colfax Ave.Lakewood, CO 80215 (Colfax/Kipling)

Friday 8th
Saturday 9th
Monday 11th
Thursday 14th
Saturday 16th
Monday 18th
Tuesday 19th
Thursday 21st
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Sunday 24th
Thursday 28th

No appointment is necessary - first come, first serve. Do not feed your animal after midnight the evening before surgery. Water is OK.  Arrive with your cat(s) by 7:30AM and please keep your cat in the car to stay warm!!! Cat must be in carriers and come in separate carrier if multiples (unless young kittens). The Dumb Friends League appreciates the support of more than 150 local businesses that act as host sites for its mobile spay/neuter clinics. These businesses are truly friends of their communities by helping bring together the services we provide and the pet owners who need them.

The Meow Mobile provides donor-subsidized spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations to cats that belong to people in underserved areas of metro Denver. The Meow Mobile is a partnership between the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society and the Dumb Friends League. Veterinarians volunteer their time, working alongside a League certified veterinary technician and assistant. During its first five years of service, the Meow Mobile teams sterilized more than 14,000 cats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does the spay/neuter surgery cost?
Cat spay/neuter surgeries are $10. Age-appropriate vaccines are included in these prices. These fees are highly subsidized by generous donors to the Dumb Friends League and by many veterinarians who volunteer their services. They accept cash, check or charge for payment. Donations greatly appreciated.

Who qualifies?
People with limited or fixed incomes who cannot afford to take their pets to a veterinarian qualify for these donor-subsidized services. 

Who performs the surgeries?
Veterinarians who are licensed in the state of Colorado perform the surgeries. Some are in private practice and volunteer through the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society. Others are on the staff of the Dumb Friends League. They have experience spaying and neutering dogs and cats in high-volume settings. They are assisted by a certified veterinary technician.

What do I need to know before I bring my pet for surgery?
- Do not feed your animal after midnight the evening before surgery. Water is OK. 
- We operate on a first-come, first-served basis and do NOT offer appointments.
- The number of females and males we can take in varies at each clinic. Please note that this may mean that a person's pet in line behind you could receive surgery even if yours does not because we have reached our daily limit of females or males. In this case, you will receive a rain check.
- Bring your pet(s) by 7:30AM. the day of the clinic. Wait time and check-in time can be anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour, so please allow for that in your schedule. You will be given an estimated pick-up time for later that same day when you drop off your pet.
- Cats must be in carriers or other secure containers; we prefer cats to be in separate carriers. You can bring up to four cats per household. Separate carriers for each cat are preferable and should include a familiar towel or blanket.
- Most days we are able to help multiple animals from the same household. However, on busier days, you may be asked to return another time to have your additional pets' surgeries performed. We try to accommodate as many patrons as we can. 
- Although it is not required, you are urged to have your pets seen by a veterinarian in advance of the clinic to rule out any health problems that would make surgery unadvisable. We do not perform extensive pre-surgical examinations or blood analysis. If your pet has any medical issues (such as kidney, liver or heart problems) or is older than 7 years, there are increased risks associated with any operation. Please note that if for any reason we determine that spay/neuter surgery at our clinic would not be appropriate, we will not accept your pet for the procedure. You will be urged to see your own veterinarian. 
- Generally speaking, post-surgery veterinary care is not necessary. However, if a problem occurs that requires medical attention, you will be given emergency phone numbers to call. Post-surgery home-care instructions include the appropriate telephone numbers. 
- We accept cash, check or charge for payment. Donations greatly appreciated.
- Please make sure someone will be at home with your pet for the rest of the day following surgery. 
- Pick up time can vary from morning to late afternoon, please do not schedule appointments on the day you plan on attending.
- You will receive home-care instructions when you drop off your pet.

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