Thursday, October 11, 2012

Save Extra Dough at Denver Bakery Outlets

Love bread but hate the high prices? Try shopping and stocking up at Denver bakery outlet stores and using your freezer. Honest, you can freeze bread without any problems. And, in a world where grocery bread ranges from $3-$6, it is worth the effort.

At the Orowheat Bakery Outlet store on East Evans in Denver they stock the bread that didn't sell in three days at the supermarket. Whole wheat bread that sells for $4.19 at the grocery store sells there for $1.89 or two for $3.59. Spend $5 and get a free loaf. Fill up a punch card by spending $30 and get bread and a cake for free. All the products are quite fresh.

Play your cards right and you can actually buy five loaves of bread, two bags of chips, hot dog buns, plus two free items (Danish? Coffee cake? Thomas English muffins?) for $12. The four Denver-area stores sell Oroweat, Entenmann’s, Tia Rosa, Francisco (of sourdough fame), Boboli pizza crusts, Voortman cookies and Thomas English muffins.It carries chips, cookies, crackers and more.The story even has fresh products at 20 percent off.

The Evans outlet is at 5050 E Evans Avenue (just east of I-25), 303-691-6342. Other outlet stores are at 3131 W. Evans Avenue, 303-742-9505; 13997 E. Exposition in Aurora, 303-341-0345 and 9192 West 44th Avenue in Wheatridge, 303-424-1432.

Also, check out the Wonder Bread/Hostess Bakery, 80 E. 62nd Ave., Denver.

Freezing Bread and Cookies
Air-tight is always the trick to better freezing. Never leave things loose in a plastic bag - that's an invitation to freezer burn. Freezing bread keeps it moister than putting it in the fridge. When I buy fresh bread I freeze it in the original bags, wrapped tightly in aluminum foil and then I bag it in a used bread bag. Finally, I put the entire thing in a gallon freezer bag and make sure all the air is out.

Don't microwave. Don't put it on the counter to defrost.  Defrost in fridge, overnight. What ever side is on the bottom in the freezer put it on top when you are thawing. If you lay the bread bottom side down in the freezer when you get it out let it thaw with the bottom side up.

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