Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sept. 8 New Belgium's Tour de Fat's Denver Event

The Denver stop of Tour de Fat on Sept. 8 not only raises money for charity but it builds community among bikers and boosts community spirits - well, and there's beer too.  Lots of it! Don't miss the  Denver stop in City Park on Sat. Sept. 8. Expect a wild, costumed bike parade, food, drink and much, much merriment. Most events, including participating in the ride, are FREE. The ride begins at 10AM from the west side of City Park. Performances by:Yo-Yo People, The Cleverly's, Sssnakenstein, and Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. Money raised goes to Bike Denver and and our own rockin' Denver Cruisers!  

Tentative Schedule
9:00AM   Bike Parade Registration
10:00AM Bike Parade Launch
11:00AM Performances Begin
1:30PM   The Great Bike Story Contest for New Belgium Cruiser Bike
2:35PM. Car-for-Bike Trade Celebration
3:50PM. Faux Finale
3:55PM  Faux-Real Finale
4:00PM  Curtain Closes

Please remember that this is a pro-bike event, not an anti-car event. Non-bike riders are welcome to attend all the festivities. For more details see the above link.City Park is at 17th & York, Denver. 

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