Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Denver's Blacktop Music and Arts Festival Sept. 29

Denver's Blacktop Festival, a celebration of music and arts, will be held from 1-10PM on Saturday Sept. 29, 2012. Is this going to be fun? You bet. You can hear live music or make your own art or watch a performance or run around in the grass. Play an interactive video game, or listen to a mini opera. You can buy your vegetables for the week, get your bike fixed, or read a magazine. Best part is, tickets are FREE (in fact, there aren't any tickets)Fun activities include a Zine Library, plaster body casting, Ballet Nouveau, comedy, live mural painting, tetherball and farmers' market. 

Plus great music from Recuperatio|12, Films 4 Peace, Screen Printing, Poetry Readings, and Parallax!Musical Acts Cody ChesnuTT. Nurses, Luke Wyland (of AU), Wild Pack of Canaries and Rubedo. International artists Martin Creed, Ira Sherman, Jillian Mayer, Brian Haefling, Bryan Leister, Birdseed Collective, Rori Knudtson and Michael Brohman.  At the Denver Performing Arts Complex, 14th and Champa, Denver.

Thanks for setting us straight on the details Chad!

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Anonymous said...

The time of this event is actually 1pm to 10pm.


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