Friday, August 31, 2012

Denver Zoo's Elephant Mimi Ill

I know this is a busy weekend, but we here at Dead Broke Denver are asking everyone to take time out to send prayers and good thoughts to Mimi, the  Denver Zoo's beloved 53-year-old elephant. She is  apparently very ill and in hospice care. Zookeepers tell the Denver Post that while they hope she recovers, they do want to prepare her fans that the end might be near for the big girl, who has been at the zoo since 1961.

Zookeepers also say that Mimi is a decade older than the average life span for elephants in captivity. The beloved Asian elephant has reportedly stopped eating much and appears to suffer from sore joints and tender feet.

Mimi, and her best friend Dolly have long been favorites of our family, and many other Denver families over the past 50 years. Again, please keep Mimi and her zookeepers close in your thoughts over this holiday weekend.

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