Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo March 9-11

Don't forget that the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo is being held March 9- 11, 2012 at the National Western Complex here in Denver. The myriad of ticket prices and packages are too complicated to explain here, but essentially you can feed your horse craving for a $4-$8 ticket. There are coupons to be printed on the website and some daily deal sites have been offering packages, so keep your eyes open.

The Expo features dozens of booths and presentations on everything from horse anatomy (Susan Harris and the her Visible Horse) to preserving wild horse herds. During the evening "Mane Event" (requires its own ticket) you can catch a parade of breeds and riding styles, including local dressage trainer Frances Carbonnel riding her magnificent Andalusian horses. Plus, all three days of the Expo offer the Colorado Pinnacle Horse Show, showcasing miniature horses and Shetland ponies as they strut their adorable selves around the show ring. Pinnacle show schedule here. Horse rescue groups and various equine and clothing/jewelry/book vendors are also part of the mix.

Expect to pay for parking. And if you attend, keep in mind that National Western's food and drink can be fairly mediocre and grossly overpriced, so you might want to pack in some of your own chow and water. Wear comfortable walking shoes and enjoy!

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