Monday, March 19, 2012

Dumb Friends $10 Spay/Neuter for Cats

The Denver Dumb Friends League is offering $10 spay and neuter surgeries for kittens and cats at their mobile clinics. The promotion is being offered through June 30. Here's how it works: Bring kitty to one of the League’s mobile clinics by 7:30AM.  The pet will be ready for pickup between 1-3PM the same day. No appointment is necessary. Each cat is required to arrive in a carrier or secured container. Owners will receive home care instructions. To learn more about the Dumb Friends League mobile clinics or to view the clinic schedules, please visit, or call (720) 241-7098, with any questions.

DFL is also offering FREE adoptions on cats older than 1 year. The FREE adoptions run through March 11. As part of the package the cat is spayed/neutered and given vaccinations. This is a sweet deal, and as someone who has adopted two older cats, I can testify that older felines make loving and loyal pets.

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