Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FREE Chamber Music Concert Jan. 21

In a chamber music frame of mind? Keep in mind that adult amateur musicians are invited to perform at informal Colorado Chamber Music Society FREE concerts, held the third Saturday of the month (that will be Jan. 21 at 2PM.  No formal audition necessary. The Decker Branch Library, 1501 S. Logan St.. Call Grant Garlinghouse, 303-972-1170, to register if you are a musician.

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Aaron Ververs said...

Wow - I saw the name 'Grant Garlinghouse', and was immediately reminded of a great singer/songwriter in the Denver area some years back; I still have one of his songs etched in my mind - 'Easy Living':

I'm the kind with easy living on my mind,
fast or slow, you'll see me still on the go - watch and wait, I'm here to keep you up-to-date -
live or die, I'll take the ever-easy-livin' way to
stop and stare at all the girls I used to care about,
walk and talk 'bout love and never be caught without
holdin' hands - atop the tallest of the tallest man, kissin', huggin' all the time -
oh, I'm not one to be tied like a shoe to the foot - or a tree to the ground by a root - oh, I'm as free as the wind that blows up a storm, but then stop -I'm gentle and warm as toast - yeah,
I'm the kind with easy living on my mind, hope and pray that you will want me to stay -
sink or swim, I'm here to see you to the end - let's live and die the easy way

Pure genius.