Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sex, Drugs and Corruption -- A Colorado Christmas Story

Why can't Colorado's power elite keep it in their pants? Sigh. No matter how much Denver's mainstream press and country club politicians strive to hush up the scandals over the years, the nasty details always leak out. Yes, when it comes to embracing a lifestyle of public lies and private corruption, Colorado politicos seem determined to give those boys in Chicago a run for their money.

No wonder we're one of the saddest cities in America, according to a new study by Men's Health magazine.  

At any rate, Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of trying to trade drugs to a man for sex. Ugh. Apparently that's just the tip of the ice berg. A top player in the investigation of Sullivan and his alleged sex for drugs antics was KHOW radio host Tom Martino who is talking about the story right now. You can listen in live here and a podcast is available if you want to listen later for FREE.

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