Monday, November 7, 2011

Denver Zoo FREE Nov. 12

We visited the Denver Zoo last Thursday, and had a great time despite all the mess and noise from construction of the new Asian Tropics exhibit. During our visit we witnessed our favorite silverback gorilla, Jim, rise up and absolutely terrify a group of ill-behaved children who were repeatedly slapping the glass of the gorilla enclosure. The nasty little children were gone within seconds and Jim went back to calmly sitting and examining a plastic container. Priceless.

We saw elephants Mimi and Dolly play in the snow and we saw the giraffes time. (That was something to see, for sure.)  At any rate, the Denver Zoo welcomes Colorado residents to visit FREE on Nov. 12. Admission is 10AM-4PM. Grounds close at 5PM. Located in Denver's City Park, the zoo's main entrance is on 23rd Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and York Street. Address is 2300 Steele Street. 

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