Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Green Way to Rid Your Denver Yard of Leaves

Finally leaves are starting to drop droves from the huge trees in my yard. I'm a gardener so I consider those crispy leaves to be brown gold, great for composting and a vital source of nutrients for my wee piece of lawn, and my sizable perennial and vegetable garden. Myself, I pile them around my shrubs and trees and let the relentless activity of my dogs and the winter wetness shred them into usable mulch for my garden next spring. Don't have the means or interest in composting and want/need to get rid of those leaves? Denver hosts the "Leaf Drop" just about every weekend in November. Check their website for exact dates, times, and locations. The leaves are turned into compost and yard mulch that is distributed to residents in May. Everybody wins!

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