Monday, October 31, 2011

FREE Denver Museum Day Oct. 31

Sue the T-Rex's Choppers
You think it's hard being 28-years-old, slugging your way through this economy? Think about what it was like 65 million years ago. For a real-life example go to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for FREE on Oct. 31 and check out the cast skeleton of Sue, a T-Rex who was kickin' it during the earth's Cretaceous period. Sue's real bones reside at the Chicago Museum of Natural History, but her cast skeleton is visiting as part of the museum's "T-Rex Encounter" exhibit. Sue's skeleton represents the most complete fossil of a T. Rex discovered to date and it shows an impressive amount of battle scars. The big girl lived 28 years, a small miracle considering how tough life for a T-Rex was back then. In case you are curious, Sue was named after paleontologist Sue Hendrickson, who discovered the bones in 1990 on a dig in South Dakota.

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