Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Non-Profit WILD Bird Offers Avian Friends Hope

So, last week we found a baby flicker on our front stoop, complete with a broken wing and a pissed off attitude. Several of us ran around in the rain and we finally nabbed it and we called the wonderful folks at W.I.L.D. Bird, Denver's non-profit informational and rehab center. Yes it was late. And raining. But they kept their doors open until we could get there. We don't know if the flicker made it, but either way we went home knowing that our small act of kindness would result in the little guy being warm, dry and treated with care and affection.  

Wild Bird's website alone offers good tips on how to handle lost or wounded birds, but the group actually will take your found bird and attempt to rehab and release it. That doesn't happen cheaply -- it runs about $40 per bird and they don't receive no federal or state funding. If you drop off a bird, please try to leave some kind of donation. In our case, we could only afford to leave $10 and that was a stretch for us right now, but we wanted to show our support to a great group of people, most of whom are volunteers and who save thousands of birds.

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