Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Healthy Eating Sales for May 25

Okay. Whole Foods has a couple of great deals going on. Applegate turkey is $3.99 a package, Finlandia Cheese is $3.99, marked down from $5.99 and organic mini watermelons are $1.50 each.
For the week starting today, Sunflower has Sockeye salmon for $7.99 lb., all natural ground beef for $1.99, organic artichokes are two for $4. Finally, Like Fresh Express on Facebook to get a coupon for $1 off one of their bagged salads, sold at Safeway. 


Robert said...

If you're even halfway broke, it's crazy to shop at the (generally quite pricey) stores you cite; it's called aspirational shopping. Several of the things you cite are expensive after being discounted. Poor people would be well advised to buy the ingredients for salads instead of buying a bagged one, even if there's a dollar off coupon, e.g. Frequent the mainline grocery stores (after exorcising fears that they are poisoning you, of course) and you can really cut your food bill.

Mrs Packer said...

Hi Robert, thanks for reading along. This is a tough topic and your point is well taken. Yes, clearly the best discounts are at mainline grocery stores like King Soopers. But some people are really concerned about pesticides and genetically modified ingredients and are willing to budget a little more $ for higher quality foods or convenience (like bagged lettuce). Take care!

Robert said...

[a little late]

I understand the rationale(s) behind the organic foods movement -- no one wants to be poisoned, and I am concerned about sustainability, but the belief that organic foods are invariably superior, or worse, that non-organic food is poisonous are erroneous and, more to the point, they are affectations which poor people simply cannot afford. The price differential between King Soopers and Whole Foods on many items exceeds 100% -- paying double means budgeting a lot more!

I do walk around Whole Foods, mostly as an exercise in self-mortification, but I have discovered some bargains. Non-organic butter and Horizon whipping cream are generally cheaper at Whole Foods than at King Soopers. Whole Foods' Three-Bean Coffee (while maybe not quite as good as Daz Bog's Czar's Blend) is passable and substantially cheaper. I am delighted to find a few staples at reasonable prices at Whole Foods.