Monday, April 11, 2011

Need a Bike? Check Out Bicycle Village's Consignment Sales

Got an old bike? Need a new bike? The  Bicycle Village Annual Bike Swap consignment sale is a great opportunity to offload your old bike, and help another rider get in the saddle.  Even with resources like Craigslist and Ebay, buying a used bike is a hands-on experience.  The sale takes place in Aurora on Saturday, April 16 (you have to drop off your consignment sale bikes by April 15 for this one), in Littleton on May 24 and Westminster May 24.

Preparing your bike mechanically to ensure safe riding for the next owner is an important part of the selling process.  Bicycle Village helps you get your bike ready to sell, and their professional sales team helps you close the deal with prospective buyers. If you're looking for a bike, you can't ask for a better deal. People are consigning bikes at a reasonable cost, they are safety checked. Plus some manufacturer overstocks are part of the sale. Whether buying or selling, Get details here.

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