Monday, April 11, 2011

Denver Police District 3 Meeting -- Caution in DU Neighborhood!

We went to the Denver Police Department's District 3 information meeting last week to learn the grim news that people are breaking into cars all over the city. It really is an epidemic, not just the DU neighborhood. Police say that you need to keep all your electronic and computer devices -- GPS, iPods, etc. out of your car. It seems common sense, yet we're all guilty of leaving our stuff in the car for convenience's sake. And even though it is a pain, keep the brackets for your devices off your windshield and dash board because they signal thieves to the possible presence of loot.

Most importantly, don't run outside if you hear your car alarm in the middle of the night. Twice in recent weeks people have been SHOT at after hearing a car alarm and interupting thieves in the DU neighborhood. Police say descriptions of the thieves/shooters and their vehicles vary.

Also, police say to be careful parking by Wash Park, as it has become a hotbed for thieves looking to bust into your car while you busy yourself enjoying the park. Also, be careful about leaving your garage doors open, as thieves are robbing bikes and tools right off of people's property during the daytime and late afternoon. Be careful and be mindful!

If you haven't gone to one of the District 3 meetings, I recommend you attend. In addition to updating us on local crime (unbelievable)  Lt. Paul Berdahl was on hand to discuss the Denver SWAT and K-9 units. He even brought the SWAT team's Black Cat vehicle for show and tell, which all of us got to climb around in. The meeting was interesting, informative and everyone was really nice. I  was disappointed that there were only 25 people on hand, and we vow to attend all future meetings and update you as we go.

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